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The Noel Corporation Office in Yakima, WashingtonThe Noel Pepsi enterprise began in the early 1930's when Yakima Bottling Works was awarded to John Noel, Sr. and Frank Noel. The venture was originally meant to be a brewery. However, in 1934, John Noel, Sr. obtained the Pepsi-Cola franchise for Yakima, Washington.

Over time, the Company expanded its Pepsi business, adding the Pasco Washington franchise in 1953, Walla Walla, Washington in 1954, and The Dalles, Oregon in 1974. The plants were all purchased jointly by John Noel, Sr. and John Noel, Jr. In order to consolidate production, bottling lines at Walla Walla and Pasco were closed in 1955 and 1965, respectively. These facilities have been enhanced and improved over the past 70 years to accommodate the Company's growth.

Noel Pepsi trucksThe Noels believed in keeping much of their related work in-house, therefore, the Company also expanded its business into related industries. In 1957, a Pepsi sign shop was created at the Yakima facility. Noel canning, a contract canning and bottling facility, supplying Company franchises and neighboring bottlers, was started in 1966 in the Yakima facility. Noel Transport, a truck maintenance and logistics division, was created in 1977. Noel Warehouse, a division of The Noel Corporation, commenced in 1983 to provide additional product storage. The Company also expanded into other industries, and is presently involved in digital communication services, construction, and commercial real estate development.

In 1979, John Noel, Sr. passed away, and John Noel, Jr., having been involved in the business since its inception, took over as President. In 1988, after John Noel, Jr.'s death, his son Rodger Noel then became our current President of The Noel Corporation. And the legacy continues with Rodger's son, Justin Noel, who is now serving as Vice President of the corporation.

Our Main Office is located in Yakima, Washington at 1001 South First Street. The building was originally built in 1948 and since has been enlarged and modernized a number of times. We have recently expanded our facility with a new canning and bottling plant, and constructed two new warehouses. One for local distribution, and the other for long distant delivery of our products to our outlying warehouses and distribution facilities, and to our other customers. This is allowing us to better serve all our customers.

Currently, The Noel Corporation is proud to employ more than 360 employees throughout its businesses.

The Noel Corporation
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